Eco Culture Team explores Cosmo City’s sewage crisis

Cosmo City’s persistent sewage crisis has propelled Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation to conduct research about a situation that has caused serious health scares in Cosmo City, especially in Extension6.

Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation is Non-profit Organisation that focuses on developing and implementing environmental sustainability programmes in both schools and communities. In an interview with Cosmo City Chronicle, Marylin Ndhlovu of Eco Culture Team said it is important for residents to understand the causes and consequences of the sewage crisis.

“We believe the sewage problem is one of the causes of illnesses that affect people living in Cosmo City,” she said. “It tends to affect a lot of Cosmo City residents, especially ones who stay near the manhole or those who pass by the sewage spill immediately after an occurrence.”

Sewage spill introduces numerous pathogens into the environment such as bacteria and viruses from human faecal matter, she said.

“The pathogens become airborne when the spills occur during windy days because they are too small to see even with the naked eye,” she explained. “People who walk past the sewage spill breathe the air and the pathogens are introduced into their body systems.”

According to the Eco Culture Team, in some instances the sewage spill blocks pathways where people need to move from one place to the other. Bricks and pieces of cardboard are usually placed on the road to allow access, but as the sewage water accumulates, the bricks and cardboard end up being covered with wastewater.

“Somehow the water ends up on the skin – the feet and legs – as people pass, which can cause skin irritation when people just wipe it off,” said Ndhlovu.  “In cases where the spill occurs on a road surface (South African Drive and Angola), cars splash the sewage water into the air. This causes pathogens to be moved a greater distance from the spill, which impacts people nearby or children playing in surrounding areas.”

Research shows that some people in Cosmo City do not use safe water for irrigation, she added, which also allows the spread of pathogens. Soil and vegetation in the surrounding environment where a sewage spill may have occurred are going to be impacted, Ndhlovu said.




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