Eliminating GBV through a Charity Drive

“It is a sad reality that GBV Victims are not willing to come forward to get help,” said Tahirah Jegels of Free World Initiative (FWI) speaking during the organisation’s charity drive recently held in Zandspruit.

Jegels said at FWI they aim to help GBV victims through donations and talk shows. “Women lives matter,” she said. “Most of them have been abused. That is femicide, and there has been no voice to support them right now.”

FWI is an organisation which aims to combat and alleviate GBV, diseases and viruses such as HIV and AIDS. The organisation aims to educate, raise awareness, screen for GBV as well as Mental Health to different ages and groups of young people.

During the charity drive initiative, generous residents in the area bought toiletries and helped fill up the basket. Since the area has no shelter, the NPO identified Emthonjeni Community Centre as the recipients of the donations, and they will oversee the distribution of the donations. The Five Tiger Foundation is also one of the beneficiaries of the donations

Jegels added that they also hosted this event with the hope to raise awareness and encourage both male and female victims to come forward.

Through FWI’s GBV initiative, Jegels said, communities will be visited monthly to make sure that the initiative carries on.

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