EMS firefighters extinguish large blaze in Kya Sands

Emergency Management Services firefighters, on Wednesday, extinguished a huge fire in Kya Sand that broke out from a paper and glue manufacturing factory.

The fire was reported around 05:30 am at Ohm Street. At around 11:30 am, as smoke continued wafting from the area, EMS Media Liaison Officer, Nana Radebe said no one was injured in the blaze, and the firefighters had done their best to contain the fire.

“When the fire crew got here, there were huge blazes in the factory,” Radebe told Cosmo City Chronicle. “We had to quickly respond to the scene with 20 firefighters to prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings. I think there are glue and paper rolls inside, and it will take much longer for them to be completely extinguished.”

According to Radebe, the cause of fire is unknown but appears to be accidental in nature. All businesses located next to the gutted area, along Ohm Street, were open and on normal operations.


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