Entertainers ready for Ultimate Talent Showcase

 Cosmo City’s Ultimate Talent Showcase preparations are at an advanced stage, according to RCJ Media who are the event organizers.

The event will take place on 10 August at Multipurpose Centre. As they prepare to expose the hidden talent in the community, RCJ Media said, after successfully holding auditions on 6 July at Jerusalem lounge, everything is going according to plan.

RCJ Media is a local company founded by Ronald Kubisa, Clever and Jonathan Ramoba. It is aimed at empowering the youth through entertainment.

“Our aim is to unpack all the hidden talent in Cosmo City,” said Ronald Thabo Kubisa, the co founder of RCJ Media. “We are happy that we managed to do auditions. We wanted to make sure that on 10 August we have the best singers, models and dancers to showcase their talent. So I think we are moving in the right direction, though we are still facing financial challenges.”

Kubisa added that their event is all about promoting local talent. The Ultimate Talent Showcase programme is aimed at keeping the kids off the street, said another RCJ Media co founder Jonathan Ramoba.

“It is an important thing to keep people busy,” he said. “We are trying to minimize crime activities through entertainment. When people are not occupied, they always have a tendency of doing wrong things in the community. Hopefully we will contribute to the minimization of bad things in our community.”

He added that they are appealing to the business community for any sponsorship to award the winners.

“Of course we need support from the community,” Ramoba added. “We welcome any sponsors who are willing to assist us as we are doing this for the community. As we do this we are promoting places, local artists, dancers, models and clothing brands.”

Such events help local artists build their careers and get exposed, said P styles.

“we are resdy to go there and showcase our talents,” said a local artist Mr Nice Minya T. “It is a good thing to have something like that in our community.”

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