Ward 100 Councillor and the community

There have been some calls for the Ward 100 councillor, Mme Nonny Raphatha, to step down. The calls have been from various people who represent interests groups in the Ward. The more recent march in Cosmo City has been another platform from which demands for her to step down were made. Various accusations were labelled at her by the march participants as could be read from the placards they carried.
There are many versions of accusations directed to her which reached our office as well, like not attending residents meetings, selling land, not creating jobs, not doing much for the Ward and so on, including harassing street vendors.
Although there are some demands that are being put to the councillor, one wonders if the residents are not exceedingly demanding things that are outside her control. For example selling municipal land is not an easy thing to do as it would involve acquiring title deeds. Some construction work that is happening in and around Cosmo City is being done by private contractors who are not bound by any law to employ people of anybody’s choice. The interest groups that have sprung up in recent years in the Ward have risen in number and in her own defence she says “some representatives of such groups have a mistaken belief that I should attend each and every meeting that they organize” she points out. “If I attend they are happy and shower me with praises and if I do not then I am not carrying out my duties” she complains.
There are some legal protocols that must be adhered to before some things happen. It would be good for residents to start by doing a little research for themselves before asking the councillor to be involved. There are various Ward committee members who were voted by residents to assist the councillor; one would like to believe that they are more inclined to attend discussion meetings as they are the people on the ground. A re-look in what interest groups, including resident committees, real need from the councillor is crucial to maintaining the ward and to keep stability and progress in the Ward. She cannot be attending every meeting that discusses brain storming topics if there ward committee members to assist her. Her term of office will end in 2016 if the groups vote her out.
Memos sent to the City Council Speaker are another way of seeking re-address in matters involving the councillor. Let us all approach our civic obligations with reason and humility.

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  • Hey i dont have commet but complain,there is thes passege cosmo city in ext 6 not far from show house,one of resident is clossing it,there is a big gate there meaning those whos working early like 5 they wont be able to pass,even if you knock off late you find it close please help

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