Festive mood spoiled by sewer problems

Sewage problems at corner Uganda Street and Sudan Street are giving extension 6 residents hardships, who say the situation affected their festive season celebrations.

The sewer system blocked and burst on 23 December 2019, according to residents.  The waste, collecting from the sewer, has been overflowing along Uganda Street.

“No one can celebrate and enjoy in such an environment,” said Samkelo Mphini. “We were supposed to enjoy the festive season, but we could not because the place stinks and it is unsanitary. Our children play here and are getting exposed to health risks.”

Mphini said they reported the issue to City of Johannesburg, but they have not gotten a response.

“We expected 2020 to be a better year in as far as the sewage crisis is concerned in our community,” said Nonhlanhla Mbele. “But we seem to have started the year in a bad way because the sewage issue is refusing to come to an end in our community.”

The sewage problem in Cosmo City has been affecting the environment by causing the road corrosion, making the streets look filthy and forcing residents to breathe harmful stink air and exposing them to health risks.

Sewage spills may also cause lack of oxygen in the environment, and lead to serious damages in Cosmo city’s infrastructure as the sewage crisis continues, according to environmental researchers from Eco Culture Sechaba Foundation.

Since 2018, local authorities have been promising to initiate a project to permanently end the community’s sewage problems.  The project, which aimed to see the main sewer pipe upgraded, was noticed last year. However, the sewage crisis is still persisting in the community.

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