Four months without water for extension 8 gogo

64-year old Gogo Nomthunzi Sidyiyo of Cosmo City’s extension 8 lived four months with no access to water after her water-pipes burst during an October 2020 construction.

Gogo Nomthunzi said that a fibre construction crew  ruined her pipes while digging a trench past her yard. Despite her approaches to local authorities,Gogo Nomthunzi said she got no immediate help.

“Life has been very tough without water,” she said. “I feel like I am being treated like a foreigner. When I approached the local authorities they told me they could not attend me since it was lockdown.”

Gogo Nomthunzi, who also suffers from high blood pressure, alleged that she was unable to take showers, wash her hands or even use the toilet intermittently in the past four months. She said she faced this serious crisis at a time when public health officials recommend frequent hand washing to prevent spread of COVID-19. 

Since it was raining in January, Gogo Nomthunzi said she relied much on rainwater.

“I was using rainwater in the toilet,” she said. “My question is why should we live like pigs? I am old and uneducated, but I deserve a better life as a South African. All of my neighbours had water except me. What frustrated me more is that I kept on reporting about the issue, but not getting any response.”

 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) PR Councillor Karabo Ndini said it was a sad thing to see a granny going through a nightmare trying to get a basic utility fixed.

“She could not get hold of the Ward Councillor to explain the situation,” Ndini said. “When she approached me, she told me she had also failed to get help from Joburg Water due to lockdown regulations. I tried to help her to get the situation rectified. Joburg Water told us that Gogo’s situation was attended in January, but nothing was fixed. So I had to literally go to get the plumbers in Stridjom Park who came and fixed the pipes.”

Ndini blamed construction companies that hire illegal immigrants saying: “Whenever these workers mess up, they do not report the problems.” ��Z&/OU

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