Freedom day celebrated in the community

“It was amazing and so interesting,” said Belinda Mahlangu of extension 2 at this year’s community Freedom Day celebrations held in Cosmo City’s Lesotho Park in extension 2 on 27 April. “Such celebrations will make people not forget about Freedom Day. It also encourages a lot of young people to learn and research more about it.”

Freedom Day is a public holiday in South Africa on 27 April celebrating the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994.

Green Roots Studio organised the event in which people from Zandspruit, Diepsloot and Lion Park came together to enjoy performances by local artists Costa Titch, Scima, WenDee, Nelly, Amo, Chronic Chillas, Tripple Bizz, Flight Mode Boza De Ghost, Electrocute, 245 Music, Ntsumpaman, Jammie and many more

“It is very encouraging to see communities embracing Freedom Day’’, said Green Roots Studio founder Oupa Klaas Mlomo.

“This year we are marking the 25th anniversary of Freedom Day,” said Mlomo. “We organised this event to express our joy and freedom as a community. It is a reminder to every South African that 27 April is an important day.”

Green Roots Studio decided to celebrate the day in an entertaining way, Mlomo said, in order to capture the hearts of the young ones. “Freedom Day is not only for the people who fought for it. Children deserve to celebrate it more as well. They should be taught about how it came into our calendar because it is an important day.”

Green Roots Studio plans to host more events in line with the South African calendar, he said.

“We have not been hosting these kind of community events for the past five years,” he said, “but we are now bouncing back with innovative ideas to give back to the community. I am happy for the event. It was a success and there were no reported fights. I would like to thank the community members who came through to celebrate the day with others.”

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