Fuel increase leaves motorists and poor families worse off

The increase of the fuel price has hit consumers hard and added more pressure on citizens especially the poor. Cosmo City Chronicle went to different petrol stations to find out the views of drivers and residents:
Malvin Mdlongwa, a motorist described the situation as tough and difficult to understand.
“It is still not clear to me why we keep on facing fuel increase,” he said. “We supply many countries around us with fuel and they are able to sell the same fuel up to 25% cheaper than we do in SA. I think the leaders have to sit down and find the best way to deal with this fuel hike. This is like we are being looted.”
He added that this fuel increase will be a burden to unemployed people who are already suffering.
Thambo Ndlovu, a driver said “even though I’m not South African, I live here. It’s really hurting us because the price keeps going up, I think that many people will end up using taxis.”
‘’I’m a new driver, only driving for 3 months so I haven’t felt it yet, and I drive a small car so I don’t think I’m as affected as those who drive bigger cars for longer,’’ said Tshepiso Kgobodi.
Thabo Mokoena: I feel that it is unfair because the way the petrol is hiking is gonna affect us as the poor, but I wouldn’t know what the government thinks, the constant increases really hurt us badly.
Gontse Letsiri who uses his vehicles for income said ‘’this petrol hike is ridiculous without my transport I can’t make money; I will have to do extra to cover the cost of petrol because most of my money will be used on petrol. ‘’
Linah Mampa said the unfair part is that petrol keeps going up but people’s salaries stay the same
In another area residents in Kya Sand expressed their frustration about the situation.
Most residents said, in these current chilly winter conditions, they are likely to be affected if they resort to other energies instead of paraffin.
Melusi Ndlovu, a resident at Kya Sand informal settlement said the fuel hike has put them in a difficult situation.
“We do not have electricity where we stay so we need paraffin,” he said. “With the fuel price going up, we will be forced to rely on fire to cook. This will leave us vulnerable to health hazards. I am afraid that this will also force taxis to increase their fares”

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