Funny videos increase DA WHITE BOII’s fan base

Cosmo City’s entertainer DA WHITE BOII recently went viral on social media after recording a short video making fun of a picture of the well-known Amapiano Music producers DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small.

 In the picture, DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small pose wearing durags on their heads. In the video DA WHITE BOII asks DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small to remove doeks (head scarfs) from their heads as it ruined their dressing style.  Kabza De Small responded with a live video explaining that it was not a doek, but a durag. DA WHITE BOII’s video got more engagements on Facebook with more than eight thousand views.

“I do these funny videos to gain people’s trust,” DA WHITE Boll said. “I believe that if people trust me that I can do funny videos, they will trust me about any type of work.”

Born Tshepo Steve Junior Rakhudu the 21-year-old ventured into the entertainment industry in 2012 during the “Izikhothane” era.  Not only is DA WHITE BOII a DJ, he is also a vocal artist, dancer, fashion stylist and (as brand owner and founder of @KHONTAGE_SA) an entrepreneur.

 “The funny videos that trend in social media have gained me some fan base. People are now more familiar with my face and it is going to be easy for them to follow my work,” he said. “Sometimes I tend to offend people that I joke about. When my video of Kabza De Small and Dj Maphorisa started to trend, Kabza responded to me on social media. We talked about the video, and I explained to him that it was a joke. So there was no bad blood. If people feel like I am insulting them, I am sorry. I am just hustling.”

DA WHITE BOII said he wants to do more funny videos ranging from entertainment to politics.

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