Health scare in extension 6

Besides making the streets look filthy, constant sewage spills collecting along Sudan and Uganda Streets in Cosmo City’s Extension 6 are forcing residents to breathe harmful stink air and exposing them to health risks, these residents complain.

 “We have been receiving reports of children being sick and failing to go to school,” said Hlulani Ngwenya. “We know that most of the diseases are connected to the sewage.”

“It keeps flowing, and it is not easy for us to use the road,” she said . “We reported the issue to the City of Johannesburg, and we hope the situation gets fixed soon.”

Living with constant health risks is what residents always face in our community, said another resident who preferred to be anonymous.

“We expect to get better sanitation as in other places, but we seem to be failing to get there,” said the resident. “We try to notify our local authorities. However, they appear to fix in one area at once.[ Sometimes we feel they have simply overlooked some environmental policies to the disadvantage of the residents’ health.”

Overcrowding seems to be the main cause of Cosmo City’s ongoing sewage problems, said MMC of Finance Funzi Ngobeni during his recent visit to the community.

“”Cosmo City was planned for a certain number of households,” he said. “The households have over-doubled in the past years and months, and this has led to the sewage calamity. It is a challenge that we are aware of, and we have embarked on a process of upgrading the sewerage system in Cosmo City.”

The MMC also asked the residents not to throw foreign objects into the sewer system.

“There is need to educate residents about the causes of sewer blockages and the effects of sewage crisis.”

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