Heritage Month

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Heritage day is a day, where we as South Africans are able to celebrate our diversity and the importance of culture. It is an opportunity in which we as citizens are able to showcase where we come from. This is the time where we educate each other about our different cultures. What this usually does is not only educate us but also inform us of our similarities. It is a form of finding respect for our differences and building a united South Africa. An opportunity to give a voice to every culture. This is not only a time to celebrate our cultures but to remember that our diversity is what makes us a great and unique country, the reason we are known as the rainbow nation.

It can be said that this also gives the opportunity for foreigners to also showcase their cultures and celebrate heritage day with us. We get to not only learn about South African culture but also African culture and across to other continents. Days like these show the importance of humanity and humility towards any culture. With the hopes of one day being able to get along in the world. It is a day of celebration peace and unification.

Let us try for this month to learn about each other’s cultures you’ll be surprised how common certain norms are across culture, and pick up the habit of learning a new South African language, we have 11 beautiful languages why not learn them all. From the Cosmo City Chronicle team we wish you a happy Heritage Month

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