Huge turnout for social networking

A huge number of people turned out at Cosmo City’s Trip’Delicious Restaurant in extension 2 to attend a social networking event on 10 October 2020.

The event, which was organised by Tripple P Ent, featured entertainment, food and fashion show. No fights and injuries were reported from the event. However, police officers arrived in the early evening and advised the crowd to disperse.

The agenda of the event was to bring local entertainers together to showcase their skills, network and create content to grow their profile, said Sivuyile Kolweni, the founder of Trip’Delicious Restaurant.

“It is very important to host such events in the community,”Kolweni said. “Such events uplift young people by giving them a platform to perform on stage for a large crowd of people and try to improve their number of followers.”

He added that the event was very crucial to artists as they got to express their talent and inspire each other.

“The response to the event was amazing,” he said. “It was mainly based on creative art and everyone was focused on expressing their art. Everyone was happy, including the children.”

He said that it was sad to see police dispersing the crowed while they were in the middle of happiness.

“Some artists did not get a chance to perform as promised, but we hope we can come to a stronger understanding with the law next time when we approach them about hosting the event. We are appealing to the law enforcers to be flexible enough when it comes to creative skills so that we can uplift ourselves through entertainment.”

Trip'Delicious is a Kota restaurant with a performance stage on the roof. It is built for food lovers and creative minded people.

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