Hundreds arrested for crimes committed

Police arrested hundreds of people in Cosmo City, Honeydew and  parts of Roodepoort for crimes committed in the beginning of this month, police reported.

Police had to be vigilant to combat crime as the country moved to level 1 lockdown, Honeydew police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan told the Chronicle, because people tend to commit more crime when under the influence of alcohol.

“We had success from the 1st of March to the 5th,” said Captain Muthan. “Suspects were arrested for various crimes in and around the Honeydew policing area.”

Through Operation Okae Molao, Captain Muthan said, police  caught people in connection with house breaking and robbery.  They  also arrested more people for drinking and driving.

 All the police stations  conducted roadblocks where law enforcers stopped and searched vehicles throughout the policing areas, Captain Muthan said.

New constables from college also participated in the programme,boosting the visibility of patrols at malls and shopping centres. All liquor stores and other liquor outlets were closed during the specified times as well. These operations will continue until further notice, he said.

All arrested suspects will appear in various magistrate courts.

Captaptain Muthan thanked all the police for their efforts to bring peace in the communities during the festive season.

Residents speaking to the Chronicle said police should continue patrolling in the community to reduce crime.

“Some people use illegal means to get money,” said Methuli Dliwayo of extension 6. “We are now in level 1 and people and things are getting back to normal. Crime is likely to increase so we need to see more police visibility in the community.”

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