Illegal shacks get Cosmo City residents worried

The building of shacks in Zandspruit area just outside Cosmo City’s extension 7 has caused great anxiety in the community as residents claim that the occupied land is affecting the value of their properties.

According to the sources close to this development, Zandspruit residents started building illegal shacks during lockdown, with the local authorities going against the process. The first attempted land invasion started from Phakamani area moving towards Cosmo City to an area called “Nkandla”, which is very close to extension 7.

“The view of Cosmo City is now affected by these shacks,” said an extension resident who preferred to remain anonymous.” This will definitely affect the value of our properties. We do not like such developments in our community because it also increases criminal activities.”

 When people occupy illegal land they disturb development, said Ward 100 Councilor Mapula Mosito.

“Meetings have been held between officials and extension 7 residents,” she said. “We understand that people need place to live, but land should be occupied in a proper way.”

Ward 114 Councilor Victor Mafinya said in the past weeks Johannesburg Metro Police Department has been on the ground to remove unoccupied illegal structures.

“I have visited the site together with housing officials and law enforcers,” he said. “All the unoccupied structures have been removed. At the moment, the Department of Housing is waiting for an eviction order from the court so that the remaining shacks get removed.”

Councilor Mafinya said the disturbing part is that people are so desperate for land to an extent that they buy it from fake leaders.

“Most people who occupied that land are not even from Zandspruit. That land is meant for Zandspruit infrastructural developments. People must be patient because proper development is coming.”

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