Impophomo celebrates women’s month with Zandspruit women

To celebrate the immense, but often overlooked contribution of the Zandspruit women, Impophomo Rushing Waters celebrated women’s month with two outreach events in August 2019.

Every year on 9th of August, South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day to honour the vital role that women play in our society.

On Friday 9 August, together with the Zandspruit Men’s Forum and Mashile’s Soup Kitchen, Impophomo was a contributing partner in a celebratory meal to honour the women of Zandspruit. It was a day of celebration, affirmation and co-operation which brought together three organisations whose purpose was to show appreciation to those that are often marginalised in the society.

The men did all the cooking and serving, while the women enjoyed the attention and the delicious meal so lovingly prepared. The Zandspruit Men’s Forum also brought forward the proposal of starting a Zandspruit Women’s Forum which was enthusiastically received and will be going ahead.

Impophomo’s second outreach event on Saturday 17 August was a morning of encouragement, fellowship, praise and sharing. Impophomo, together with volunteers from Northpoint City Church (NPCC) were honoured to host a multigenerational audience of over 100 women from different organisations in Zandspruit, and a few men from the Zandspruit Men’s Forum who came to lend their support.

With this event, Impophomo and NPCC aimed to promote the building of good relationships within the community and to put in place a structure of support for the women of Zandspruit. For a society to flourish, there has to be co-operation, understanding and an acknowledgement of the many common goals that bring us together for the benefit of all.

Impophomo runs numerous empowerment programmes throughout the year aimed at a wide range of needs. Some of our projects have been running since the creation of Impophomo 11 years ago, and focus on Poverty Eradication, Education and Skill Development, Life Guidance and Support, Corporate Social Investment, Community Development and Disaster Relief.

To find out more about their work, and how you or your company can get involved, please visit our website

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