Inter-regional summit on Disability

People with disabilities have issues 365 days that need to be addressed when municipal council decisions are made said councillor De Gama in his keynote address at the inter regional disability summit at Multipurpose on 7 June 2018.

The purpose of the summit was to make the city and eventually the country aware of how people with disabilities are taken care of and considered when it comes to access of housing, working conditions and transport.

The summit focused on key areas, Road, transport, Housing, Disability, Employment opportunities, Universal access and Disability skills development and opportunities.

Local government can make a big difference in the lives of disabled persons, it all starts in the way the city’s infrastructure such as ramps for wheelchair bound persons and those who need assistance walking, lifts with enough space for wheelchairs, malls with non-slippery flooring for walking sticks and building plans that are submitted to the city for approval and must comply when it comes to access for disabled people De Gama said.

Councillor Maharaj suggested free bus transportation during off peak hours for people with disabilities. Mr Kekana suggested that city employees go through disability sensitisation Da Gama said

The chairperson of Disabled People South Africa (DPSA) Dan Kekana said  encouraged the city to engage the disability sector  and speak to them like it happened today, in order to get clarity on their needs and how they can assist.

The new administration takes issues of disability very seriously said Lillian Kolisang spokesperson to the speaker emphasised she said the speaker had made a commitment to engage the sector annually.

The Johannesburg Disability forum has been tasked with ensuring that solutions that come from this platform are implemented.

The summit was attended by ward councillor Mapula Mosito, Councillor Vasco Da Gama, Mr Nero Maseko, Mr Dan Kekana and Councillor Devanand Maharaj.

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