Izwi Labantu Forum hands over a memorandum to Eskom

Following the recent constant power cuts, Izwi Labantu Forum NPC marched to Eskom Megawatts in Sunninghil on 23 October to hand over a memorandum.

The forum feels that load shedding plans do not have people in mind, hence they challenge Eskom to provide an alternative electricity supply during the load shedding.

The memorandum states that Eskom should compensate SMMEs affected by load shedding. In the memorandum, the forum further challenges Eskom to deal with the issue of bribes collected by Eskom officials from the public. The forum gave Eskom 14 working days to come back with feedback.

Izwi Labantu Forum is a non-profit organization that advocates for the downtrodden masses of South Africa. The forum’s objectives include to create jobs for the youth, to fight against injustices and inequalities in the society and to empower local businesses.

“Eskom has not been providing proper services in the communities,” said the Izwi Labantu Forum CEO Malesela Ledwaba. “Our role as a forum is to intermediate between the public and stakeholders. That is why we are handing over the public demands to Eskom. Eskom must always put people first. People need to provide an alternative for electricity when there’s is load shedding.”

It cannot be correct that our School Learners have to suffer the pandemic monster in our shores and also suffer the blackouts caused by the selfish load shedding plan imposed on our people, reads part of the memorandum.

“It cannot be correct that small and medium businesses have to suffer the loss of their meagre profits due these blackouts without even a decent compensation from Eskom. It cannot be that breast feeding mothers must suffer in feeding their babies because of Eskom’s decisive arrogance.

“It cannot be that home bound patients must suffer from the lack of oxygen due to no electricity supply at their homes and Eskom do not take responsibility of such gruesome and insensitive action. It cannot be that our people must be inconvenient by road accidents caused by traffic lights that are not operational due electricity that is easily switched on and off as Eskom feels its suitable to them without any accountability.”

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