Jammed Robots and sewage upgrade cause traffic confusion

The process of sewage upgrade and traffic light technical glitches frustrated motorists in the early hours of 3 February Sunday morning essentially causing heavy traffic along South Africa Drive throughout the day, jamming all suitable entrée through Ext 6,2 & Cosmo City centre.

These recently allocated South African drive robots that links roads and stabilise the traffic conjuction seem quietly to be having indecisive technical problems, not only has it been a once, but unfortunately it has now pertained a sense repetition that most motorist are fed up of.

With its previous technical glitches, the robots that link the most acclaimed main road in Cosmo City caused a shutdown and with the construction underway closely within the robots made things worse as one of the two way roads gets closed due to the contractors on site on a daily base. 

Due to the heavy traffic flow some vehicle collided and by God’s will no one was serious injuries only altercations from both frustrated motorists were exchanged and bystanders had to intervene to resolve the matter.

“Am unpleasant and my heart is deeply hurt,” said a motorist who only identified himself as Nkosinathi.

“I just got the front bumper of my car fixed and this incident will eventually set me back,” he told the Chronicle.

“Coming from the festive session all debts have been paid off with my latest salary and now my mind set was on clearly stress free” Nkosinathi added.

“But now these terrible technical problems happening to the robots have just caused more stress that I cannot handle at the moment,” he concluded.

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