Johannesburg state of the city address

This morning the residents of Johannesburg will wake up to a State of the City address to be delivered by Mayor Mashaba. Nine months after assuming office, we can confirm that the DA and its coalition government have not delivered in terms of the 10 Point Plan announced by the Mayor last year.

It must be noted first and foremost that Mr Mashaba will deliver his address from within the state of the art ANC government built Council Chamber. This is a green building that resembles Africa's Council (Kgotla) in which the leadership meets to discuss community issues. This building makes provision for accommodating the increased number of Councillors, it makes provision for the attendance of Council meetings by residents and media houses to ensure transparency in the manner in which Council business is conducted.

Mr Mashaba came up with a so-called 10 point plan. This is how Mashaba has performed:

1. Ensure that the entire City adjusts its mindset to the environment of a new coalition government

This was totally irrelevant to put in the plan. However, we can confirm that Mashaba has begun a program to divide the people of Joburg and possibly planting a seed of Black on Black violence experienced in the 80's and 90's. This is evident in the recent IDP meetings where community members were forced out of public meetings, thereby denying them their constitutional right to participate in shaping the city's plans.

2. Run a responsive and pro-poor government

This sounded very positive but Mashaba's actions proved to be anti-poor. The cancellation of Jozi@Work program practically condemning 8000 people to unemployment and preventing a further 50 000 Joburgers from benefiting from the program over the next four years. This proves that Mashaba and the DA coalition government are anti-poor.

3. Achieve a minimum 5% economic growth

This is very ambitious and should be supported. However, we have over the last nine months asked for the DA'S plan to grow the economy but the plan has not been forthcoming. So a 5% economic growth was thumb sucked and not based on any scientific research.

4. Create a professional civil service that serves the residents of Joburg with pride

This pre-supposed that the city of Johannesburg was filled with incompetent people who didn't serve the residents with pride. The professional civil service to be created by Mashaba is still yet to be seen. All we have seen is the appointment of former DA Councillors in city positions. We have seen many attempts by Mashaba to fire senior managers simply because they were employed by the ANC government.

5. Ensuring corruption is public enemy number one

The fight against corruption is supported by the ANC. However, under Mashaba Johannesburg has become a police state where the JMPD is used to suppress residents and abandoning their traffic management and by-law enforcement responsibilities. In the last nine months Mashaba has been chasing corruption ghosts and we are yet to see tangible evidence of investigations done by Mashaba. Where is the report on the City Power forensic investigation commissioned by Mashaba and how many millions were paid in pursuit of a corruption ghost at City Power?

6. Produce an official housing waiting list

The production of the housing waiting list for Joburg was initiated by the ANC government. This is why Mashaba has not published the list as it contained a background and introductory statement that trace the development and production of the waiting list back to the ANC government.

7. Produce a list of semi-completed housing units

We are yet to see the list of semi-completed housing units in Johannesburg. But we have seen completed social housing units in Devland ward 24 standing idle and being vandalised in the process. We have seen the cancellation of the Kliptown Turn-key housing development that would have accommodated a total of 1200 families.

8. Fast track the delivery of title deeds

Mr Mashaba rushed to issue title deeds that he found ready for delivery to rightful owners. We are yet to see Mashaba delivering more title deeds as he promised.

9. Initiate a pilot project for a clinic to operate for extended hours

A clinic operating for extended hours has been piloted. We are monitoring the functioning of this clinic.

10. Revitalise the inner city of Johannesburg

Nothing has been done so far to revitalise the Inner city of Johannesburg. Instead the ANC initiated Inner City Property Scheme has been relegated as a non-priority for the city.

Given the performance of Mashaba and the coalition government we can assign a score of half a point out of 10 for his spectacular failures.

We are aware that Mashaba and the coalition partners will stop at nothing to vilify the ANC at the State of City Address. They will do so to provoke our Councillors to an extent that violence erupts and the ANC is blamed as a sore loser. We want to assure the residents of our City that the ANC will continue to constructively participate in Council meetings in order to ensure that Council decisions benefit all residents.

Issued by

Jolidee Matongo
ANC Joburg Region
072 633 9956

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