Jozi Regional entrepreneurship summit

On the 14th of September 2017, the Roodepoort Theatre together with the City of Johannesburg hosted the Jozi Regional Entrepreneurship Summit. The summit was organised so as a way to drive the need for small businesses and young entrepreneurs in order to grow the city of Johannesburg as well as the Gauteng economy.

A key part to assisting entrepreneurs is to help Small Medium Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) collaborate and foster relationships to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will bolster the economy and create more jobs. For this reason the City has decided to host the 2017 City of Johannesburg Regional Summits and Symposium. The vision is to create an ecosystem where entrepreneurs collaborate to meet the needs of society and grow the economy.

During the Summit issues such as funding for new or starting out entrepreneurs was discussed. As well as the red tape that many small business owners have experienced when dealing with the city of Johannesburg. The city has to address the various issues that accompany being an entrepreneur in Gauteng

‘’ The City of Johannesburg’s( CoJ) Department of Economic Development (DED) is preparing to host a Joburg Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Symposium to address and improve entrepreneurial ecosystems, in order to grow the economy and facilitate job creation. Catering for delegates drawn from the City’s seven regions, the Symposium is set to take place at the Joburg Theatre on 23 & 24 October 2017.’’ Said Clr Leah Knott, MMC:Economic Development

This will be the first entrepreneurship ecosystem symposium in Johannesburg – a gathering of government, private sector, educational institutions, NGO’S and, most importantly, entrepreneurs.  The purpose of the entrepreneurship ecosystem symposium is to create actionable plans that will assist in growing entrepreneurship.

“As the department of Economic Development’s 17/18 Financial Year deliverables, we have committed to increased regional economic development and support towards entrepreneurial development. In order to succeed, such an approach can only work through stronger alignment between the department and regional offices as well as collaboration between the city, private sector and small businesses.’’ She explained

Leading up to the citywide symposium will be a series of Regional Economic Summits, which the DED will run in partnership with the regions.

“This is a citywide event, looking at affirming the city’s position on entrepreneurship and future working groups with regional offices, small business, the private sector (Business Chambers), academics and industry players.” She continued

This summit is meant to introduce and help entrepreneurs to the economic landscape of Gauteng and will hopefully help young entrepreneurs be able to get a foot in the door and be a part of the economic transformation of the city as well as the province.


  • Dear sir/madam
    My name is Innocentia Sishange from Ennerdale , cell number is 0723229299, my company is ” Norcia projects (Pty) Ltd.thank u so much for hosting this which will help us as SMMEs. My company was registered de year 2015, I’ve also registered on COJ database, but I didn’t get work yet,I submitted in lot of places but it’s all in vain. Most of de times , big companies are de one’s dat are recognised cos dey have income for starting de job nd are well known.
    As my company it’s still new nd no income for starting work, it always b regretted.
    As one of SMMEs pls help my company to get work, so as to increase poverty in our country by giving jobs to de needy nd to de youth dat is in drugs now because of my place lot of youth are not working nd their parents too are jobless,
    Can u pls help me ,what to do nd how can my company get work in dis situation that is happenning in our country.thank u
    I hope my request will meet your favourable consideration.
    Yours faithfully
    Innocentia Sishange

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