Keeping kids off the street through sports

Siyaphambili Youth Development, which is based in Cosmo City, is striving to use sport as a way to keep the youth away from the streets.

The organisation’s intention is to curb the rise of teenage pregnancies and drug addictions in the community, according to Siyaphambili Youth Development President Mbulelo Ngcobo.

He said that the foundation aims to equip young boys and girls through soccer and netball respectively.

“We established the organisation with an aim to keep the children off the streets,” Ngcobo said. “We recently hosted a 5 aside soccer tournament and netball tournament in Tanzania Park in extension 2 to keep the kids occupied. The tournament was a success because we managed to award trophies to the winners. However, we badly need sponsors because we want to host the tournament every year.”

Ngcobo said Siyaphambili Youth Development is striving to create opportunities for the youth through sports.

“Some children are not academically gifted, but possess amazing talent in sports,” Ngcobo said. “So we aim to assist them to go as far as possible through sports. As time goes on, we want to help schools with donating books, pads and other important things needed by school children.”

People who are willing to help Siyaphambili Youth Development can call ���� J

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