Kya Sands Informal settlements women fight for their rights

“Many women and children from Kya Sands Informal settlement slept at the police station,” said Gauteng MEC for Community Safety Faith Mazibuko, “because they no longer feel safe in the community. They say they are always attacked and raped

MEC Mazibuko spoke on 28 July at Douglasdale police station addressing community members who claim that criminals are out of hand in their area and are calling for more police presence.

The women sat in at the Douglasdale police station on the evening of 26 July with their babies either on their backs or in their arms. They were on a mission to be heard by the station.

 “Enough is enough, we cannot live like this,” the MEC said. “We, as the Gauteng government, condemn violence especially against women. We want to protect both men and women. Therefore, we need to work together with the community to fight against crime

 Police cannot be everywhere, she added, so residents should also work together to bring peace in the community

“There are residents who reported their cases at Douglasdale Police Station, but the police are not doing the follow ups,” MEC Mazibuko continued. “We want the residents to give us their case numbers to see which police are not doing their jobs. Then we deal with them. Police must come and service the community with pride. If they cannot do their job they must go[ .” 

The women of Kya Sands told the Chronicle that they are tired of feeling unsafe [in their own community. “We hear gunshots almost every day here,” said Nombulelo Mkhwananzi. “Women are robbed and raped on a daily basis. The sad thing is that our cases are not attended to. We then decided to fight for our rights as women and call for the government to listen to our grievances.”

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