Local author bags awards

Local author Nhlanhla Ngele recently went home with two awards for her book Diary of a Black Girl Child.

Both the African Annual Global Honoree Authors Awards and the African Print Authors and Poetry Awards held on 30 October 2021 awarded Ngele the best titled book.

“I am super excited,” an elated Ngele said. “Winning an award gives me confidence and encourages me to keep on doing more writing.”

Ngele’s autobiography tells the story of a girl child raised in Zandspruit Informal Settlement, where she experiences several rape incidents with no arrests for the perpetrators.

“Everyone has got a diary, and I decided to write a book detailing my diary. That is why I named my book Diary of a Black Girl Child.

Ngele, who was once a victim of sexual abuse, said her life experience inspired her to write the book. Many girl children go through a lot in the communities, Ngele said.

“They do not have to be discouraged by what they go through,” she said. “They just have to forgive those who abuse them. Once they forgive they get their power back, and they will see that it is not the end of the world.”

 To lessen the plight of society’s girl children, Ngele said, parents should take responsibility to sit down and talk to them: “They should always know what children are going through. They should know the whereabouts of their children because in most cases these children get abused by people who surround them.”

“I want to empower South Africa through writing,” she said. “I want to show the world how sexual abuse is ravaging the communities.”

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