Local author tells story of a girl child through her own lens

“When I wrote the book, I wanted to heal and tell my story,” said Nhlanhla Fortune Ngele, the 28-year-old author of the book, ‘A diary of a black girl child.’ The aim is to show young girls, who have been sexually abused, that there is no need to lose hope. Being raped or not, you can still become what you want to be.”

Ngele’s autobiography tells a story of a girl child who is raised in Zandspruit Informal Settlement, where she experienced several rape incidents with the perpetrators not getting arrested.

“The story tells us that cases of rape in South Africa are very high and rapists never get punished for what they do,” she said.

Ngele, who was once a victim of sexual abuse, said her life experience also inspired the book. “I want young girls to go out there and speak out to [people they trust about what they are going through. By so doing they can get help like counseling and support they need.”

She believes that her book is a breakthrough to her writing career, in which she hopes to continue telling stories from an African perspective.

Through writing, Ngele said, she has healed from her previous painful experiences. “I hope that people can also get healed through reading,” she said.

She said that there are a lot of challenges that she is facing as a writer.

“I face a lot of challenges specially to market the book,” she said. “It is so difficult to go around selling the book into communities that need to read the book. We do not have Libraries in our community where one can put the book for everyone to read. We learn a lot from reading and if we teach our children to read we can have a better South Africa.”

Ngele is currently working at a manufacturing factory where she has been working for a period of five years.

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