Lockdown and power outages are hitting us hard, say local musicians

“Power cuts and lockdown restrictions are hitting us big time,” said musician Ciar Diko about the challenges  he and his collaborator DJ Tweelite Webster are facing as local artists during the period of lockdown, which is heavily accompanied by constant power cuts.

“We are currently operating in a situation whereby we cannot generate any income, and due to power cuts, it is difficult to work on music production,” he said. “It is a situation when some people get depressed,” he noted. “However, the lockdown made me more creative and I also managed to grow my social media platform. The sad thing is that all my bookings were cancelled.”

On the other hand, Deep House music producer, DJ Tweelite said he managed to keep his production going on while at home. “I have been working on many projects from home,” he said. “I managed to get in touch with a lot of artists from local and overseas. I am currently working with Beverly Jainely and Shaz Deep.”

Inspired by Black Coffee, DJ Tweelite has been working with quite a number of artists from countries like Australia and Finland. He said he is hoping to work on a big project with Ciar Diko.

“I like Ciar Diko and he has a very good voice,” he noted. “He has a very good, growing fan base, and I think we can come up with something that can be pushed locally and internationally.”

The duo said that despite the challenges of the lockdown and power cuts, they are ready to start their project as soon as possible.

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