Helicopter surprise for graduation

More than one hundred pupils at Maranatha Little Paradise rode a helicopter and flew around Cosmo City during their graduation ceremony held on 24 November at Multipurpose Centre.

Riding the helicopter came as a highlight of the day to excite the pupils. “It was a surprise to the graduates, which got them more excited,” said a parent Zola Mthombeni. “It was a nice surprise organised by the school at no extra cost. I am very happy that my child is one of the graduates. I am absolutely satisfied with the quality of education that our children receive at Maranatha.”

Maranatha Little Paradise operates in Cosmo City’s extension 7.

It is very crucial for the little ones to understand the value of education at an early age, said one of the school directors, Donovan C. Masuku. “Children need to understand that their future depends on education,” he said. “When that culture of education is instilled in their hearts at a tender age, there are very low chances of them going astray when they grow up.”

Masuku said it is always challenging to deal with the little ones. “They are from different backgrounds, learning different things from their homes. So it becomes a challenge to deal with them. However, we strive to put them in the right direction because that is where there is a foundation of a better future. As young as they are, we also learn a lot from them.”

Now that the graduates are going to their big school, Masuku said he will miss the lovely moments he had with them.

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