Maranatha School pupils graduate

Maranatha Little Paradise preschool didn’t want their young graduates to miss out just because of the coronavirus pandemic. So on 29 November 2020, more than 70 pupils donned their caps as they celebrated their moving to “big school”

The ceremony, which took place at Multipurpose Centre, saw the graduates riding the helicopter. Parents and teachers attended the 9 am to 2pm event alongside community members. The program awaited the speeches and thanks from the guardians and pastors who were interspersed with beautiful singing, dancing and recitals delivered by the enthusiastic graduates, all to a very appreciative audience.

This year’s graduation dropped by 8% as compared to last year, according to Maranatha Little Paradise teacher Theo Masuku.

“2020 was a very tough year,” she said, “however, we really thank God and do appreciate that in such a storm, the school managed to pull through all the challenges and difficulties and above all that the learners managed to achieve more than we expected of them.”

  Maranatha Little Paradise operates under Maranatha Combined Schools, which was registered in 2014 and offers ECD, primary, and secondary education in Cosmo City. The school not only offers an academic education, it also offers social and spiritual wellbeing, said Masuku. “The graduation ceremony was a success and well planned,” she said. “However, we had a few challenges here and there. Things have been so hard(Due to COVID-19), but I it is like a miracle because the children were so determined and managed to put more effort to pull through to graduate. We wish them to keep the same spirit as they climb the ladder of education 3�h���3�

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