Meet Legina, a singer who is on the rise in SA and USA

Legina is a South African R&B artiste who uses her American experience to influence the South African music industry.

Born Legina Sikwane, the 29 year-old singer rose to fame at a very young age when she started singing for a family band Sikwane Jazz Band. While under Sikwane Jazz Band, Legina managed to share the stage with performers like MormanChauke, Blondie Makhene, Victor Ntoni (the late), and Lawrence Matshiza. Legina performed in various venues across the country before moving to America. She also featured in the Mzansi Magic’s Africa Matters family documentary.

In 2016, Legina moved to America to pursue her musical career, and she made the kind of headway in the west that’s difficult to attain. While in America, she shared the stage with an American gospel group Gaither Vocal Group and she also opened stages for Australian politician Mary Jane Gillet.

“My mom introduced me to the music industry,” Legina told the Chronicle. “I do what I love in this industry, and I don’t just do it to be famous. Honestly, I love seeing how people feel whenever I perform; it is always an amazing feeling.”

With her family’s support, Legina told the Chronicle, she learnt a lot in America. For example, she explained, in America, most artistes have instruments as their back up whenever they perform, and it is important to master that. She added that while in USA, as an artiste from Africa, she received a good treatment.

“Right now, Gqom (house music) is taking over in our country,” Legina noted, “However, we are striving to bring back that R&B feeling in the industry. I want to bring the difference because there are people who follow pop and R&B in our country.”

Through her music, Legina said, she wants to bridge the gap between African and American entertainment.

On 9 November 2018, Legina released her single Heart of Gold which has been played on local radio stations, and also reigns on USA’s Radio Arplay.

She normally appears on stage alone and frequently features a keyboardist (Mac) and saxophonist (Norbert) to transcend her music repertoire.

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