Meet Rileyza: A local producer with a different touch

Based in Cosmo City’s extension 5, producer Rileyza is increasingly becoming a household name in local music production as he continues to work with local artists.

Born Sibusiso Bongani Khoza, Rileyza was raised in Newcastle KwaZulu-Natal. He then moved to Johannesburg in 2016 to pursue his musical journey.

“I started by producing my own music back home,” he said. “My love for music developed when I continuously produced beats for my friend for free. Since there were no musical opportunities in my home town, I had to relocate to Johannesburg to pursue my career.”

Rileyza is not only a music producer, but he is also a rapper and songwriter. In 2019, Rileyza won a best freestyle competition on Cosmo FM.

In his production, he has worked with the likes of Scima, VeebeatsExclusive, Ishmiza, Ghandi, November19thKid, Wayne, Space Youngkeed, Rey Marz, Drae tiz, Prof maxi, Thando, SHimza, Flaco, Coolkid,Lungi, Vein and many more.

He is currently working on his new “EP titled Souls of Unfamous Stars.” The project is a dedication to all the inglorious artists,” he said. “There are many local artists who are doing cery well, but do not get the spotlight they deserve. The project its self will be featuring Cosmo City local artists named as follows Rey Marz, Drae tiz, Wayne, Clark the product.”  

“Seeing young people evolve into arts each and every day means a lot to me and producing for them has been a wonderful journey. Music is the only escape for many including myself because without it i would be nowhere, i encourage my peers to be the better human beings through it.”

People who want to link up with his work can visit the website site Rileyza is also an entrepreneur, and he said COVID-19 regulations have affected his business side. �SA3�����פ�

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