Minno MORE Entertainment: A move to empower local artists

Minno MORE Entertainment, which was recently launched, is striving to empower upcoming artists from Cosmo City, Lion Park, Zandspruit and other communities in Johannesburg North.

Operating from Cosmo City’s extension 2, the recording company aims to mentor upcoming musicians and promote the well-established ones.

“The main agenda is to give platform to the young, talented artists,” said Minno MORE Entertainment founder VeeBeatsExclusive. “We also want to show the community that it is possible to inspire and nurture youth through entertainment events. While doing this, Minno MORE Entertainment’s future vision is to become a fulltime media house that is fully equipped. We aim to possess all the required keys that a media house would have in order to open the right doors for our Major Artists and our youth.”

During the official launch day, Minno MORE Entertainment artists including FlightModeGang, MinusForce performed alongside Buti Green and other local artists.

“The response that we got from the audience was massive and unforgettable,” said VeeBeatsExclusive. “The positive thing is that ever since the day of our launch, many artists are now willing to work with us.”

He concluded by thanking Ant Wisdom for sponsoring the event through clothes branding.

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