Mintek gives back to a school for Mandela Day

Mintek spent their Mandela Day, 18 July 2018 at Cosmo City Secondary 1 donating desks and chairs to the school, this was their way of helping the school in any way they could. Mintek donated over 15 desks and over 50 chairs to the school.

Mintek is part of the science council under the department of mineral resources, they specialise in research, technology development (the developing of new technology in the mining sector), mineral processing (the process of separating valuable minerals from their original shells) and value beneficiation (the treatment of raw materials to improve physical or chemical properties).

The company has offered to take some learners to their offices and show them what they do. They also offered 5 maths and science learners bursaries for further studies and mentorship. Acting CEO of Mintek David Msiza said they helping the school because it is close to them and they brought furniture that the school needed and could put to good use.

Acting deputy principal at Cosmo secondary 1, Mr Kgaugelo Makua said he was grateful to the Mintek team, he explained that the school did not have enough desks and chairs to accommodate students.










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