Miss Teen Cosmo City values her Matric Dance

The 2019 matric dance season is upon us, and this is even truer for Miss Teen Cosmo City Luyanda Nala

Methula known as Naledi, who said her matric dance event, held on 20 September 2019, will remain in her mind for the rest of her life.

The 18-year old Northriding High matric pupil said she decided not to have a partner during

the event. “It was an amazing feeling,” Naledi said. “I decided not to go with a partner because I

believed it was my night alone and not about the next person.”

There are children who envy to be part of this journey, but cannot embark on it, she said.

“We are always told that teenagers are disruptive during special events as they tend to lose their

morals and self-respect,” she said. “However, my Matric Dance experience was totally different as all

learners highlighted some respect; it shows how such events are valued.”

Naledi became the Sin-Gwen Miss Teen Cosmo City in 2018, and she has been involved in various

community development projects in the community. She has donated clothes to orphanages and in October 2018, she took part in the 15 km cancer awareness walk in Diepsloot.

“No matter how many issues we face, we all have to put on brave masks and work hand in hand with people that are willing to make changes in the community,” she said.

 Not only is Naledi active in the modelling industry, she is also an award winning netballer.

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