MMC visits Kya Sands Industrial Park

 The City of Johannesburg MMC for Economic Development, Cllr. Lawrence Khoza conducted an oversight to assess the service offerings and effectiveness at Kya Sands Industrial Park on Tuesday 8 December 2020.

 The MMC also visited other Economic Development Projects sites at Devland Industrial Park and Klipspruit Industrial Park.

Kya Sands Industrial Park serves as a job opportunity industrial area for residents from Kyasands, Cosmo City and its surrounding areas. With COVID-19 pandemic hindering several economic opportunities, MMC Khoza undertook the site visits to ensure that service offerings at the various Opportunity Centres are fully operational and arising challenges that hinder operations will be addressed.

“We came here to engage with the leadership of business in this area,” Councilor Khoza said. “Power supply is very problematic in Kya Sands Industrial Park. Our aim is to intervene as the City of Johannesburg to ensure that business communities survive. We want to make sure that the climate is conducive so that these businesses can operate smoothly.”

The Opportunity Centres are an integral part of the City’s response to empowering Small Medium Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) with the right tools and training to run sustainable businesses. Established and emerging small businesses across all sectors are further provided with multiple relevant service offerings such as business development, marketing strategy development, supply chain training and advice on entrepreneurship.

The City Of Johannesburg recently launched the youth cooperatives, and MMC Khoza said its aim is to reduce crime, which is mainly perpetrated by the youth. “These cooperatives are aimed at creating opportunities for the young people. We want to see at least 500 cooperatives per region. These cooperatives will not focus on one sector, but they will be multi-sectorial.”

He concluded that he is very happy to see progress about the interventions the City is making to help resuscitate the economy amid coronavirus pandemic.

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