Motorists unhappy with South Africa Drive deterioration

Motorists are upset about the endless road corrosion and lack of work progress on their main road, South Africa Drive.

South Africa Drive became corroded during the sewage crisis early this year. After Johannesburg Water finished fixing the sewer line, Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) filled the potholes and appeared to have resurfaced the road. Construction work appeared to be completed in March, but the road is deteriorating once again.

Motorists and residents say they feel hopeless despite JRA’s efforts. “I think they did not do it properly,” said Calvin Masango. “In March I thought the road would be sorted for good. But it seems we are now back to the crisis. This is surely disturbing because we are getting back to the bumper to bumper traffic situation.”

   “I am now starting to avoid the road because I always arrive late home whenever I use it,” said one motorist. “I think the problem is that the local authorities are not updating us about the issue. We do not like it when we always get back to bad situations. We want to see progress in our community. The previous situation saw several cars bumping against each other and it is also going to happen if nothing is done.”

Local authorities say the project is still moving forward. JRA is expected to get back to re-constructing the road as soon as it gets dry.

“Last time, we reported that there was a project to upgrade the sewer line,” said Ward Councilor Mapula Mosito. “That upgrade is still on going from corner Central African Republic Avenue and South Africa Drive to the conservation area, up to Malibongwe Drive. However, current situation is that we are still having constant blockages in other areas which are not part of the sewer upgrade, especially in corner Central African Republic and Sierra Leone. Unfortunately, the water keeps on running to the main road to cause the erosion.”

People should stop throwing foreign objects into the sewer system, she said.

“We will also engage schools to educate children about the sewer system,” she added. “We are also appealing to our community members to stop illegal sewer line connections.  People who want to extend their houses should get a plan, which must be approved by the council.”

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