MP spends time with the boxing gogos on Valentine’s Day

Member of Parliament Dr Mimmy Gondwe exercised with the Cosmo City gogos who train at the A Team Gym at a February 14 celebration of the women’s sixth anniversary practising at the gym.

Dr. Gondwe said that she visited the event to raise awareness about the importance of the elderly in society.

“The government should not forget to put the elderly on its different agendas,” she said. “We often talk about children and women and forget to emphasise the elderly. I have seen these Cosmo City gogos several times in the media showcasing their physical fitness.”

Dr Gondwe, who also serves as the constituency head for George in the Western Cape, said it is crucial to take care of the elderly because most of them are the ones who look after the children in the community. “The elders—especially the grannies — contribute much in the upbringing of the children. I would like to thank everyone who is contributing towards the elderly throughout the country.”

The gogos said they were happy to spend time with a woman from the National Assembly.  “it is always interesting to have a visitor from the government,” said 73-year-old gogo Olivia. “We love her so much and we hope she comes back again soon.”

The gogos train with Coach Claude Maphosa in twice-weekly sessions at Multipurpose Centre. Many of them say that they no longer suffer from the ailments they had before and are stronger than ever. I

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