Mpact Recycling and Tammy Taylor beauty pageants visit St Ansgar’s High

Mpact Recycling teamed up with Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa semifinalists on 29 April to educate and inspire students at St Ansgar’s High school in Lanseria about the importance of recycling.

Mpact Recycling collects recovered paper and plastic throughout the country. Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa is a national beauty pageant for married woman that, aims to share true South African stories and to empower women.

 “We are working together with Mrs. Tammy Taylor South Africa semifinalists,” said Mpact Recycling’s representative Johannes Mohlala. “Our aim is to promote recycling awareness to the learners.  Most students do not understand recycling.” Recycling helps people to get funds that can be used for community and school development, Mohlala said.

“Recycling also contributes to serving the environment,” he said. “Whatever we are recycling, we are diverting it from disturbing the environment, and the good part is that we will use it again. We are targeting these students because we have a school programme that we are running at Mpact Recycling. We have an annual national school competition for recycling projects, and it is worth 10 thousand Rands.”

John Chabalala, deputy principal at the school, said he was thankful for the recycling programme.

“Most of our learners are coming from disadvantaged families,” Chabalala said. “I am sure this initiative will work to their advantage and the school’s as well.  The learners were clueless about the recycling concept. We really appreciate this initiative because it has opened the learners’ eyes.”

Recycling will help the school with the issue of littering, he said.

“I also want to thank the beauty pageant semifinalists who came to our school. They are playing a pivotal role at the school, and their presence was an eye opener to the students.” 

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