Msanda6 wants to give hope to the depressed

Music could be a way of working through depression and anxiety, according to 20-year-old upcoming rapper Sandile Vundla, popularly known as Msanda6.  

“Due to the high unemployment rate, a lot of people at my age suffer from depression,” he said. “So I thought, as a musician, I should focus on conveying a message of hope to the youth.”

“I also sing about how love and intimate relationships could possibly cause depression among the youth,” he said. “I try to highlight the ways to avoid depression in such cases. I think it is very important to overcome depression because many young people end up committing suicide.”

Born in Tembisa and inspired by Lil Wyne, Msanda6 started singing at a young age. He started recording his first single titled “Pushing The Passion,”produced by Rich D in 2017. In 2019, he released a mix tape called “It’s Never Late.” His music has been played on local radio stations like Cosmo FM and Chiawelo FM.

Msanda6 has never signed with any label but has been an independent artist   recording tracks that were mostly produced by Rich D and Maxx Affiliation.

Most promoters do not take upcoming artists seriously, he said. “What I can say is that my time is coming, and no one can stop me when that time arrives. I believe I can change a lot of lives out there. I want to encourage other upcoming artists not to use vulgar language in their music because it won’t take them anywhere.”

Msanda6 is also an actor who has appeared on some TV dramas. He also featured on SABC 1’S Daily Thetha as a guest.


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