My Body is NOT Your Crime Scene!

My Body is NOT Your Crime Scene!
On the 1st of August 2018, a day that marks the beginning of women's month, women and gender non-conforming people (GNC) from all sectors of South Africa will shut down the country in protest against gender-based violence.
Lesotho and Botswana will also form part of the mass action.
We have nothing to celebrate on 9 August. Every week we receive multiple reports of women, children, and gender non-conforming people who have been brutally murdered, kidnapped, or abused, and there is no sense of urgency from our leaders to find ways in which society can tackle this violence.
Women including the LGBTQIA+, children, and GNC people keep dying at the hands of men in South Africa, and something needs to be done.
This is an ongoing national crisis. We call on all women and GNC people to stay away from work and join the protest on 1 August 2018 in their respective provinces, Universities, and colleges.
A memorandum of demands will be handed over to the government on the day of the shutdown with clear actions. We will share information about the protest action over the following weeks.
Join us on Facebook @WomenProtestSA Twitter @WomenProtestSA and Instagram @thetotalshutdown help spread the word

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