New transformers needed in Cosmo City

Cosmo City residents are demanding for replacement of low capacity transformers and repair of damaged electrical boxes. This was revealed on Wednesday 10th of October during a public safety campaign organised by Eskom at multipurpose.
Ward 100 councillor Mapula Mosito,Eskom representatives, and other stakeholders attended the campaign alongside the residents.
Speaking during the occasion, a SANCO member who has been living in Cosmo City for over a decade expressed his feeling in polite manner, saying the residents have been having power cut challenges since 2016.
“Nothing has been resolved since then,” he said. “We can’t ignore the fact that Cosmo City is celebrating its tenth year anniversary, however most of its transformers and residents houses are still using old electricity boxes.”
Mr Vusi from Eskom whom attended the meeting had a couple of responses that he felt they were of value to the residents. In response he delivered and illustrated basic answers that the residents asked.
“Eskom’s budget has changed drastically since 2016,” said Vusi. “People need to understand that expenditure of the government changes each year and what was initially proposed to you then it’s quite had to fulfil it at the moment, but what you need to know is that Eskom is working had to ensure that we deliver what we promised”

Following the last power outage that spark anger in the hearts of the residents which wasn’t clearly resolved, this meeting was proposed by both the leaders of Cosmo city and some of the to ensure that both parties discuss critical matters that concern them and ensure that answers are delivered to create a better clear understanding.
Towards the end of the meeting both parties came to an understanding of some sort. However, the residents still feel all their requirements are not met and still request an overall explanation from Eskom officials about when their demands will be met.

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