Nomaazanee business aims to empower Cosmo City community

“We came to the community of Cosmo City to bring job opportunities and entertainment at the same time,” said Nomaazanee Butchery and Kitchen founder Khethi Nkosi during their official launch on Valentine’s Day in extension 6.

Out of its services, Nomaazanee has offered jobs to a number of Cosmo City residents, who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Nkosi, who is also a software engineer by profession, said it was a lovely moment to have people celebrating Valentine’s Day as the business officially roared into life. He said they aim to work with the community members to bring development.

“Cosmo City has a diverse number of people visiting,” he said, “and we aim to give them a warm welcome at Nomazaanee. We want to give people that quality Kasi experience.”

Nomaazanee opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as weekend brunch. The place also features kitchen where they serve traditional food, pizza and cocktail list.

For travellers seeking a home away from home, Nomaazanee could be a solution as they also offer accommodation.  They also have butchery, laundry and a gas station.

“All we need is positive change in the community,” he said. “We could not establish any parking area because we want to get rid of traffic congestion, which is a problem in the community. We are also avoiding the situation where people end up driving while they are under the influence of alcohol. The plan is for our customers to use Uber or Taxify. If the customers are unable to go home, we offer accommodation.”

At Nomaazanee, Nkosi said, they are obsessed with Africanism and they want to bring out the dignity of Africans.

“As Africans, we are not as dirty as they think,” he said. “We want to prove that we can also do quality stuff in terms of food and bedding.”

Another feature that people can enjoy at Nomaazane, Nkosi said is a rooftop where people can meet and socialise. Nkosi has established several businesses in Cosmo City including The Paradise Lodge.

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