One year anniversary for BaetaPele Foundation

It was all smiles and merrymaking on 2 June 2018 when BaetaPele Foundation marked its one year anniversary. The celebrations took place at multipurpose.

BaetaPele foundation is a reading club which offers free educational service to students around Cosmo City, Lanseria and Lion Park.  During the occasion, outstanding students were awarded for doing well in reading, writing and spelling. Baeta Pele was started on the 27th of May 2017 by Junitha Mothemane which then developed into a reading program. She is in a different school every day. She has volunteers working with her, Mpho and Kgotatso Mthembu, Nhlanhla Magagula and Sir Isaac.

Junitha said it had been an amazing journey since the organisation was founded.

“This is a milestone to show that we are making progress. We are trying by all means to make a community with a better future. It is an amazing thing to see children making academic progress. All the students who are under BaetaPele foundation are progressing in terms of literacy. We would like to express our gratitude to all who have been rallying behind us especially Roots Butchery,” she said.

Mothemane said parents should also get more involved in the programme to support children.

“At BaetaPele foundation we have more than 80 students, but it is sad that we have only met with about 3% of the parents. I would like to urge parents to be involved because this organisation is aimed at impacting the community at large. Parents should also keep encouraging kids to go to the library at Multipurpose, it is free of charge,” said Mathomane.

In an interview, parents who attended the ceremony revealed that they allowed their students to join BaetaPele Foundation after they were convinced by the vision of the organisation.

“It is a developmental organisation which has positively impacted our children. I have a six year old daughter who could not read and write but now she can. She can also pronounce words correctly. We thank them for the love they have for children,” said Nono Seheto.

Dlalisile Mthembu, another parent, said the program enables the children to interact with each other. “I have three children who are members of this great organisation. Two of them are teachers who teach at the program and the other is a student. This helps them to interact with other children from different backgrounds, and this brings positive changes in the community,” she said.

Parents who want their children to be a part of the program can meet Junitha at multipurpose on Saturday from 08:30am until 13:00pm or contact her on 076 967 4947 for more information.  


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