Peace Education Programme reaches Region C

The Peace Education Programme facilitated by South African Peace Foundation (SAPF) has reached Region C. Its intent is to uplift the youth so that they turn away from self-destroying and community-destroying behavior, discover their talents and appreciate their God given gifts.

Youth from Cosmo City, Zandspruit and Itsoseng attended a Peace Education Programme workshop30 August in Cosmo City at Multipurpose Center.

The Peace Education Programme, an international initiative created by The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), provides an innovative series of workshops designed to help people discover their inner resources such as hope, the ability to choose, and inner strength – as well as the possibility of personal peace.

Speaking during the occasion, Ernest Leketi of SAPF said the foundation is partnering with the City of Johannesburg Youth Directorate to roll out the program as a way to uplift the youth.

“This programme enables youth to rediscover their career paths,” he said. “Most of the youth have normalized abnormal activities and accepted themselves as failures, which is wrong. We want to instill a positive attitude and reduce violent behavior.”

The program’s free lessons will run for 10 weeks in Cosmo City, Itsoseng and Zandspruit. The starting dates are yet to be announced.

Gladys Maseko, a Cosmo City youth who attended the workshop, said she hopes the programme will encourage the youth.“I can’t wait for the program to start,” she said. “I hope this will invigorate the youth in our area because many young people have lost direction in their career path.”

The Zandspruit Youth Development Forum chairperson David Tebogo Mangena said he is happy to get involved in the peace educational initiative. Such programs bring needed development to areas like Zandspruit, he said.

“This will bring positivity to the minds of people in general, not just the youth,” he said. “As a youth leader I recommend the program to the people of Zandspruit because we need this kind of peace education in this area.”

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