Pick n Pay shopping centre is robbed

Pick n Pay at Cosmo City Centre lost an undisclosed amount of money after armed gunmen entered the grocery store and went for the safe on 27 August 2018 around midday. According to eye witnesses, 5 armed men who drove in a white BMW followed the G4S van on its way to pick n pay for cash pick up. The car is said to have been following the G4S for some time but the drivers assumed it was going to the same store so they were not suspicious. However when the G4S arrived at the access only back entrance they saw the car was still behind them and only when it was denied access did it go to the main entrance of the store, the witnesses say that is when 3 of the cars passengers entered the store and pretended to be customers. When G4S officers had picked up the cash and were getting ready to leave via the front entrance, they were held at gunpoint and ordered to handover the money.

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