Police ask for divine intervention to curb crime

 Police attended a prayer meeting this morning in Fairlands as a way to gain more divine guidance when dealing with crime activities in areas like Cosmo City and Zandspruit.

Anglican Parish: St Mihcaels and All Angels Weltevreden Park churches organised the breakfast prayer meeting. During the event, police interacted with the religious individuals and community members.

Churches want the communities to get together and assist the police to reduce the crime, according to Hettie Wessels of NG Weltevreden Park church.

“Communities need peace, and we can achieve that through divine intervention. We decided to get the police involved as well,” she said.

Nicolette Segeel said it is very important for the police to be part of community prayer meetings. “We appreciate the police for the work they do out there,” said Segeel. “We need to show them that we really want to work with them do reduce crime which is prevailing in our communities and throughout the country.”

It is a positive thing to see religious people willing to work with the emergency services, said Colonel Mila  Makgamatha of Honeydew Police Station.

“At our station, we are dealing with victims of different types of crimes,” said the Colonel. “Most of the people who handle such crime cases need services like counseling.  I think we really need such spiritual, religious people on our side so that we can bring change in the communities.” 

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