Prayer march for Cosmo city amid escalating crime

“It is every Christian’s duty to pray against crime and violence, and we will continue doing that,” said 21ST Century Glorious Youth Movement cofounder Phuti Moyaha.

Moyaha spoke during a prayer march held in Cosmo City on 21 March 2019. The annual prayer march started from Cosmo City Church in extension 3 with scores of congregants and community members attending. Community members identified several crime hotspots and the congregants stopped in those places for prayers and declarations.

“We do this every year in different communities,” Moyaha said, “but it is our first time to mobilize people to pray for Cosmo City. We understand there has been a lot of disturbing stories in this community.”

“We are here to ask for divine intervention from God so that whatever violent activities are happening in these communities come to an end. We cannot accept this as a normal thing in our society.”

It is important to get the young people involved in positive community issues, Moyaha added. Over the past seven years, the 21st Century Glorious Youth Movement has provided a platform to equip  young people to deal with everyday challenges.

Protesting and destruction of infrastructure are not necessary for community development, according to Moyaha, but prayers are.

“People must also acknowledge that even with our liberation movement, prayer proved to be the key leading to our independence. However, it is not all about just praying without acting, “he said.

 21st Century Glorious Youth Movement and various churches also need to engage with organisations in Cosmo City to stop crime and violence, said Moyaha.

Cosmo City residents speaking to the Chronicle said they were happy for the community to be considered for such prayers.

“After what has been happening in the community,” Nomsa Ndlovu said, “I think such prayers were much needed. We hope this will lead to peace in our community.”

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