Pushing against Breast Cancer in Diepsloot

More than 300 people turned out at Diepsloot’s Sarafina Park in extension 8 to participate in this year’s Sedumedi  Hope Foundation (SHF)Breast Cancer awareness fun walk on 26 October 2019.

SHF partnered with Wot-If Trust and KeLeady Foundation to host the fifth edition of cancer awareness in Diepsloot community. Every year in October, since 2015, Diepsloot community members and stakeholders walk 5KM in the community to commemorate people who died of cancer, and celebrate those who survived cancer.

 This year’s fun walk was hosted to commemorate the late Nwabisa Ndloloti, who recently lost the battle for her life in September 2019 and to celebrate the life of the surviving Refilwe Sedumedi.

“Cancer is a silent killer and it is necessary for our communitites to know more about it,” said SHF founder and cancer survivor Refilwe Sedumedi. “Since October is the month of breast and liver cancer, we decided to reach out to our black communities, especially informal settlement, to educate them about cancer.”

There is need to remove myths surrounding breast cancer, Sedumedi said. “Cancer is not a disease, which only affects white communities,” she said. “It is not associated with witchcraft as well. So people need to get a deeper understanding of what cancer is all about. We are doing our best to print Diepsloot pink to get people’s attention when it comes to cancer awareness.”

Sedumedi said she is aiming to reach out to other communities outside Diepsloot, but she is facing a challenge of getting sponsorship.

SHF is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Refilwe Sedumedi, known as Fifi, a Breast Cancer Survivor who discovered a lump in her left breast in August 2013 and underwent two surgeries and started a 7 months long chemotherapy process in January 2014, and a two months radiation afterwards. She was declared “cancer-free” after a mammogram and ultra sound in August 2014. In August 2019 she was shot in her neck during an attempted carjacking.

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