Residents anxious about food parcels in Cosmo City

While other communities continue receiving food parcels, most Cosmo City residents are still waiting for their time to come, and some are complaining that they are already starving during the lockdown.

However, Africa Tikkun has since started distributing food parcels to the residents in extension 4. Some residents, speaking to the chronicle, said they do not understand the distribution of the food parcels in Cosmo City, claiming that the process is somehow confusing.

“We have been waiting to get these food parcels for a long time,” said one resident who identified herself as MaBoi. “We have registered to receive, but nothing has been brought to us. We only hear that some people have received food parcels in some parts of the community. The situation is so frustrating and we are already starving.”

While some of the angry community members said they had registered for the food parcels others said they had not registered because they were not told how to do so.

“I am not working and I live with eight children,” said Mama Nkosi of extension 2. “I badly need food because we have nothing to eat at the moment. They say patience pays, but I think we have been patient for too long now. It would be better if they give us information about what is happening with the food parcels.”

Food parcels are already being distributed in the community, and the residents should understand that they cannot receive at the same time, said SANCO chairperson said Lyborn Ndou.

“Africa Tikkun sponsored 10 000 food parcels which are still being distributed in the community,” Ndou said. “We also have 12 000 food parcels from Mahlasedi, which is yet to be distributed. Food parcels will be distributed to all the extensions. The challenge is that sponsors are using a small truck, which only carries 100 food parcels a day.” m$u�xz���^

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