Residents call for a fight against drug abuse

“We need to expose people who sell drugs to our children,” said a Cosmo City resident Tebogo Mtungwa, speaking of the drugs which were recently discovered by the police in the community.

On 23 October, police discovered Mandrax Tablets worth over 1.5 million Rands, hidden in a white Volvo truck, during a stop and search operation at corner Malibongwe Drive and South Africa Drive.  Two suspects, who were allegedly driving to deliver the drugs in Cape Town, were arrested.

“We thank the police for arresting the suspects,” Mtungwa said. “Drugs are destroying our communities and those who sell them should be locked in jail. The sad thing is that drugs are sold to very young people. I think the most important thing is to deal with the sellers first, then we can dealing with the users. When people use drugs, they end up doing abnormal bad thing which affects our community,”

Drugs could be the reason behind the escalating crime in our community, said Belinda Molefe of extension 10. “In most cases, normal person cannot commit crime,” she said, “until she or he gets possessed by evil spirits or gets influenced by drugs. Nothing good comes out of drugs. It is our time to stand up as the community and fight against drugs. We have seen school-gang- wars in the community, and this is probably influenced by drugs.”

We need police to continue searching for and arresting the drug dealers, said Molefe.

Ward 100 Caretaker Councillor Patrick Maisha also applauded the police for their good work, and said he is supporting the residents to stop the use of drugs.

“We are doing our best to fight against drugs,” said Honeydew police spokesperson Captain Balan Muthan. “The matter is already a problem in our community. We have our youth getting involved in drugs, automatically getting involved in crime. We want to eliminate the use of drugs to bring peace in the community.”

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