Residents go for days without water

“How could we prevent Corona Virus without water?” said Edith Ngwenya of extension 5, speaking on water crisis which has seen some residents going for days without water.

 Cosmo City faced water crisis in the early hours of Sunday 22 March. Residents who spoke to the Chronicle expressed their displeasure about the development, claiming that it exposes them to COVID 19.

“Just imagine how our lives would be like if we go for a three-week national shutdown without water,” said another resident who preferred to be only identified as Mnqobi. “There is no life without water,” he added, “so if the situation of water crisis is not solved quickly, our lives will be in danger. We have tried to report the situation to the local authorities, but we are yet to be sorted out.”

Water crisis has put misery to our lives in addition to the power cuts, Mnqobi said. Ward Councillor Mapule Mosito said she had received some complaints about lack of water at Barbuda Street in extension 5. “We have heard that there are some houses without water in extension 5. We are working on restoring the situation.”

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